the alex rainer series

London, England.
A woman’s body is discovered in a home-made grave in a church cemetery. Her torso has been mutilated beyond recognition, and a hole has been cut in her chest to expose her motionless heart.
The murder echoes the crimes of a legendary, uncaptured serial killer known as the Heart Collector.
Private detective Alex Rainer believes this to be a copycat killer attempting to strike fear throughout London. However, there’s one problem.
The heart inside the victim’s chest doesn’t belong to her. It belongs to the Heart Collector’s last known victim, killed thirty years prior.
In order to track down the killer, Alex must navigate a bizarre, underground world of collectors and serial killer enthusiasts to track down the perpetrator. He must locate the detectives who worked on the original case three decades ago to uncover secrets which have been lost to the ages. It seems that a long-dead mystery has returned to life.
Alex finds himself on the trail of an elusive, walking obscurity with the ability to simply disappear into the shadows. A brutal, sadistic monster who literally toys with women’s hearts. A killer for whom love and hate are the same.
In a London shopping centre, the drowned body of a young woman is discovered inside an ominous glass chamber. From her watery grave, the woman floats as though she was a museum oddity to be gazed upon with morbid curiosity.
For such a bizarre crime, detective Alex Rainer is summoned by the London Metropolitan Police in order to establish a psychological profile of the killer.
However, before Alex can conjure up a realistic picture of the perpetrator, a second victim is quickly discovered.
While the cause of death is drastically different, there is no doubt the two murders were committed by the same demented mind. As the strange mystery unravels, it becomes clear that these murders are linked to a forgotten magician from a previous era. A magician whose obsession with his art cost him his life.
Along with the help of trusted partner Casey Ellis, Alex finds himself lured into the world of magic and illusion. He soon discovers that his target won’t stop until he has performed the ultimate magic trick: a centuries-old illusion known as The Maker’s Hand.
In the dead of night, private detective Alex Rainer finds an anonymous note slipped under the door of his apartment. There’s no message written inside, only an address.

Alex heads to the location, only to be greeted with a scene straight from a nightmare. At the center of a desolate field, a mutilated body has been crucified and displayed for the world to see.

But there’s something else.

Alex recognizes everything; from the barbed wire crown of thorns to the stylized blood mask adorning the victim’s face. The killer is trying to recreate something from his past – but what?

As the investigation progresses, Alex discovers that the bizarre murders are somehow linked to an obscure musical group with a dark history. Infamous for their blood-filled stage shows and chaotic performances, it seems that one member of the group isn’t content with being forgotten.

With the assistance of trusted partner Casey Ellis, Alex must track down the man known as the Grave Dancer before he composes his ultimate masterpiece.
A search for a missing girl leads detective Alex Rainer into a run-down apartment in Whitechapel, London. Inside, he finds one of the most horrific scenes he’s seen in his twenty-year career.

A mass of dismembered body parts arranged on the victim’s bed to resemble a human figure, perfectly assembled with methodical precision.

And in the victim’s severed hand, a ringing phone.

“Welcome to my little puzzle, detective. Can you solve it before the time is up?”

Alex soon discovers that a serial killer-obsessed psychopath has chosen him as an unwilling participant in his next game of death. Each murder scene leads to the next, with the promise that the final stage will unveil the person responsible.

But to get there, Alex must use his vast knowledge of historical killers to decipher the clues left behind, as each murder scene pays a disturbing tribute to an unsolved mystery of the world.

Amidst a fog-covered London, Alex must track down the killer dubbed the Angel of Death before he too becomes one of history’s uncaptured serial killers.